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The 3 best passive income apps

The first guest post to be featured on my site! Dylan of offered to write a guest post reviewing some extra ways to make some extra money. These are some good options to accomplish this goal! Take it away, Dylan...

The Three Best Passive Income Apps
By: Dylan, Founder/Owner of

Let’s face it: we could all use a little extra cash!
Whether you’re working your dream job and just want a little extra spending money, or you are struggling to make ends meet, these three mobile applications will give you that extra income boost you need to help you reach your goals!
Based on my personal experiences and months of research, I have developed a list of the three best apps that you can use on your mobile phone/computer that will help you make real money with minimal effort. Keep in mind, you won’t get rich off of these apps, so don’t go quitting your job just yet… these apps simply provide you with a small amount of additional income to supplement your normal job(s).
Disclaimer: Before we get started, I want to inform you that,
throughout this post, you will come across various affiliate links. I assure you
that they are safe
(and free) to use, and by using them,
I may be compensated in some way, which will allow me
to build better content within my own website. If you
do choose to download these apps,
I would highly recommend
that you use these links, as they are totally free
and you usually get a bonus as well.
Finally, I would like to give a huge thanks to Froogal Stoodent for the opportunity to guest post on his blog!
Now, without any further ado, here are the best three money-making apps:
#1 Swagbucks
Swagbucks is by far the highest-earning of the apps listed here. That comes with a price, though: it is less passive than the other options. But for the additional time you put in, the benefits you will reap are immense! I have been using the website or app (I prefer the website) for less than a month, and I have already made $40.00!
The best part is its simplicity. You receive Swagbucks (SB; 1 SB = $0.01) for various online tasks you do through Swagbucks’ partners, such as watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, printing coupons and browsing the web (among others).
In general, you will receive more SB if the task is more complex or time-consuming, and less if the task is simple and quick to complete. You accumulate SB until youre ready to cash them out. Under the Redeem portion of the site, you can get your payout in the form of one of various gift card options, or via PayPal. I prefer PayPal because I can easily transfer the money from there into my bank account.

There is also a daily goal that, if reached, awards you a small bonus of 10%. For example, if your daily goal is 80 SB, when you reach it, you’ll receive an extra 8 SB. I’m estimating I’ll make a couple extra dollars this month just from the bonuses!

I have had the best luck with this company by doing surveys on the website (NOT the mobile app). Once you fill out your profile, you will have a plethora of surveys to choose from. Some of them can be pretty lengthy, but the reward will be much higher! On average, it takes me about two surveys and a few other tasks (I recommend sticking to items on the to-do list) to reach my daily goal, and it usually takes me no more than twenty minutes per day to reach that goal.

My biggest tip for this site is to be patient. You aren’t going to get rich overnight using this site, but if you get around 100 SB a day, you’ll make an extra $350.00 or more per year. That really adds up fast!

Pro tip: I would strongly advise you to avoid the Discover and Watch pages. These tasks really bog down your computer due to the excessive advertisements (the PC I use has a powerful i7 processor and a whopping 16 gigs of RAM, and it still gets bogged down!). The rewards you receive usually aren’t worth slowing your computer to a crawl, unless you want to purchase a service offered in the Discover section.

If you only choose one of the apps on this list to try, I highly recommend that you use this one. If you’re interested, you can sign up for FREE right here: Swagbucks Sign Up

Also, be sure to head over to my website and subscribe for email updates, as I will make an in-depth post covering everything you need to know about Swagbucks, including many more tips and tricks!

#2 Slidejoy

Slidejoy replaces your Android smartphone’s lock screen with sponsored content in exchange for providing you with carats that you earn for having Slidejoy active (1,000 carats = $1.00). That makes this a true passive income app!

When you wake your phone up, you will be greeted with an ad/content, and you then swipe right or left depending on whether or not you liked it. If you choose to ignore the content, then you swipe right get into your phone as usual. However, if the content/ad intrigues you, swipe left and you will unlock your device and automatically be taken to the contents’ website. The app doesn’t reward you more if you view more content; this feature is just implemented to figure out what content you find interesting.

In order to maximize your earnings, simply use your phone like you normally would. Slidejoy will know if you just keep locking and unlocking your phone, and you won’t be rewarded more for doing that. As you use your phone normally, your account will slowly fill up with credit. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can cash out for one of a variety of gift cards, donate the money to charity, or cash out in PayPal credit. I tend to go for the PayPal route for the same reason as above.

I’m sure you want to hear my numbers: in about a year’s use, I have made almost $50.00 from this app! Obviously, this is a lot less than Swagbucksbut unlike Swagbucks, you don’t have to put any extra effort into using this app besides the initial set-up. Once it’s set up, you simply use your phone like normal and collect carats! In that respect, this app certainly is worthy of a place on this list!

Once again, be sure to subscribe to email updates on my site to be notified when I post my in-depth look at SlideJoy. It’s coming soon, but it will be worth the wait! There’s plenty of other content to keep you busy in the meantime :)

If you want to give it a try, you can download the app here. This would definitely be my choice if you still want a few extra bucks, but want your experience to be truly passive (unlike Swagbucks).

#3 AppLike

I’ll be honest, AppLike (for Android) is a little unconventional.

Upon signing up, you will receive a list of mobile games/apps that AppLike recommends to you based on the apps you already have on your phone (you may find this kinda creepy...). Then, you choose some of the recommended apps to download, and they will actually pay you to play those games! Crazy, right?!

Basically, you will receive a certain number of the in-app currency (called mCoins, after you spend a certain amount of time with the recommended game/app open on your phone (10,000 mCoins = $1.00).

For example: when you first download an app, you will receive 250 mCoins in 1 minute. After that, the amount of time it takes to earn mCoins will increase (but so will the reward). The earning rates are different for each game; the highest-earning games eventually cap your earnings at 673 mCoins per 8 hours (after you go through all of the specified intervals, e.g. 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and so on).

I would recommend you only download games rated at “extremely many” and “plenty of mCoins.” Once you reach the maximum interval, I recommend you delete the game and replace it with another to maximize your earnings!

I know, it sounds a bit farfetched. But after just 2 months of use, I have successfully cashed out $35.00 dollars into my PayPal account. Yep. Real money, for nothing more than playing some new mobile games! I was skeptical to begin with, but after successfully cashing out on two separate occasions ($15.00 and $20.00), I have no reason to doubt that the company will actually pay you.

For those of you who play mobile games on your bus rides to school, morning commute on the train, or during your down time, then this could be a great option to get some extra income for things you already normally do!

If you are interested in using AppLike, you can download it using this link (you’ll get a 4444 coin bonus as a thank-you).

I will be posting a complete guide to AppLike on my site in the near future, so stay tuned!
I have tried more of these kinds of apps than I’m willing to admit, and these three are the best apps I've found to help you make a little extra money on the side! If all goes well, I estimate I will make roughly $650 this year just from faithfully using these apps—not too shabby for a few minutes a day, huh?

Thank you so much for reading! If you haven’t already, please check out my website, and be sure to subscribe for email updates!


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