Saturday, June 25, 2016

Links June 2016

"I never wanted anything handed to me. I wanted to prove myself every year..." --NFL great Jerry Rice, discussing his intense workouts and his unflagging preparation, year after year, even after helping the San Francisco 49ers to 4 Super Bowl championships in 12 seasons!

Rice was never one of the most athletically gifted receivers to play the game. There have been plenty of talented receivers who were stronger, faster, and could jump higher--but nobody could outwork Jerry Rice. That is what made Jerry Rice the greatest receiver ever to play the game of football,

And it's that kind of work ethic and dedication to improvement that can make a mediocre talent into a great achiever in any field. I've written about grit before, and it bears repeating: grit, not talent, is the key to success!

Focus on building wealth slowly. That's what I (and many other personal finance bloggers!) have been saying for a long time :)

What does your college tuition get you that you can't easily get elsewhere?

What are dividends, and why do financial experts keep talking about them?

Don't settle for a job or a salary that's less than you want. Keep your mind open to other options!

Phroogal is doing their 10,000-mile Road to Financial Wellness again this year [at a more leisurely pace, this time!]. A road trip winding across the United States is always a big undertaking; kudos to them for doing it to raise awareness and get the conversation going about money!