Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Your Next Phone

Your Next Smartphone

What to get for your next mobile device? With so many choices, it can be tough to make up your mind! When you consider all the possible options, you might get a facial expression like this guy:

Water balloon toss guy...the original image is hilarious! See it here: 

And, of course, the hype about the new devices being revealed at this year's Mobile World Congress (and the slew of commercials that are sure to follow) will muddy the waters for anyone looking to get a good deal on their next phone.

Here's a pro tip: If you haven't already done so, let your cell carrier's contract run out, get an unlocked phone and an off-contract plan, and enjoy paying under $50 per month--probably less than half of what you're currently paying!

There are a ton of devices out there for any budget...but not all of them are worthwhile! How can you tell which phones are a good deal and which are junk?

Never fear, the Froogal Stoodent is here to point you toward some of the best options for any budget!