Monday, January 25, 2016

Links Jan 2015

As always, I want to bring you great content. However, between my classwork, research (this is critically important to make degree progress!), and preparing and refining lessons for the class I'm teaching, work on posts for the blog have been slow. But never fear--several projects are simmering on the burner, just waiting for me to crank up the heat!

I may be neck-deep in schoolwork, but there are many writers out there, and they bring plenty of important information! Here are a few articles that caught my attention recently:

  • A hidden advantage of reaching financial independence:

    We've all dreamed of sticking it to our employer when things aren't going well! It's very empowering to be in a position that your employer needs you more than you need them...
  • Don't worry about going broke if you try early retirement; Mr. Money Mustache makes the case that it's not really that risky: 

    Some say Mr. Money Mustache isn't really "retired" since he's still doing stuff that earns money. I think the point is that he could lie in bed for the next three decades without lifting a finger, and he'd still be in good financial shape. The concept of "retirement" being where old people sit around nursing homes and wait for death is...frankly, it's not worth working for. So if he's happy being busy, good for him! And if his carpentry and/or blogging makes him money...well, that kind of hustle is why the Mustachian family is in the financial position they're in!

Friday, January 15, 2016