Friday, August 4, 2017

Links for your financial health, August 2017

Links for your financial health, August 2017

There's no substitute for personal responsibility and fair laws (not to mention equitable enforcement of those laws). Their absence may lead to the downfall of the United States:
     -Don't think the U.S. is fiscally doomed? Illinois might already be.

Excellent advice for college students:

Excellent financial advice for college students (and non-college-students, for that matter):

Would less work make us more productive?

Great points about frugality in marriage:

Speaking of marriage, a vast number of marriages unfortunately end in divorce. Many people fail to realize that divorce can hurt financially as well as emotionally:

What you can learn by hustling at the flea market:

Here's why the traditional American Dream is dead:
Where will your money come from during your retirement? A review of the major sources, as well as the results of a survey:

Need a side hustle? Here are some ideas:

A harsh lesson that nobody cares more about your well-being than you do:

Would you like to get more money from your employer? If so, then you should make sure you're taking full advantage of any matching contribution to your retirement plan:
    -You may note that I left a comment on that page, advocating the Roth IRA. Here's the annual
    contribution limit for 2017:  If you like
    the Roth IRA approach, note that high-income people may not be eligible.

Wallet Squirrel wrote a guest post for AOL regarding what happens to your debt after you die. The answer is interesting: (in the interest of clickbait, maybe I should say "The answer will shock you!" 😛)

An insightful guest post about managing your expectations, especially when buying a big-ticket item like a car. The post was written by Reaching the Crest and posted at Mustard Seed Money:
    -I've posted similar kinds of observations here, here and here. Just goes to show that, when it
    comes to the basics of personal finance, there's nothing new under the sun.

Good advice on how to cut the cable but still watch the shows you want to watch:

I've complained before (on multiple different occasions!) about the lack of personal finance education in most public schools! Glad to see people like Brian of Debt Discipline doing something about it!
     -What would happen if financial education were required in school? For one, I probably wouldn't be running this fantastic blog! ;)

Should you pony up big bucks to send your kid to a prestigious school? (Or should you take out big student loans to do so?) Not necessarily:

Did corporations design our lives for their own benefit?

I've advocated Linux before for personal use; the scope and severity of 2017's WannaCry ransomware makes a compelling case for switching to the platform (and backing up your data!), as Jack Wallen argues:

Sometimes, it's not about the money:
    -Also, watch out for professional panhandlers!

Why don't millennials trust the stock market? Maybe because they saw it blow up in their parents' faces:

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