Thursday, June 15, 2017

Links for June 2017

Links for June 2017

-We need basic financial literacy in every high school. And we needed it 30 years ago!

-Are your bills counterfeit?

-The power of an emergency fund:

-Does wanting to retire early mean you're lazy?

-And speaking of retirement, here's an ambitious—but prudent—strategy:

-Personal Finance doesn't have to be complicated:
   -In fact, personal finance can be summed up in 10 sentences!
   -Investing, too, can be simple:

-A great idea to convince people to save money:

-And what can you save money on? Going out to eat, for one:

-Trying to pay off a loan early? Make sure the extra payments are going toward the principal, rather than toward future interest payments:
   -Sneaky so-and-sos...
   -If you haven't heard about credit unions, you should check into them! Here's a good place to start. If you HAVE heard about how great credit unions are, spread the word!

-Are you chasing the new American Dream?

-I'm on the used car train. However, there are some good points in favor of leasing, as explained here:

-John Bogle, founder of Vanguard, does not advise investing in international stocks:
  • I actually disagree with Mr. Bogle here, though only in part. I agree that international stocks are more risky, but for some people (especially young people), that has the potential to work out in their favor. Also, if you don't have faith in the long-term viability of the United States economy, diversification into emerging markets can give you more upside, as well as a small measure of protection against a downturn of the U.S. economy. 
  • I specify emerging markets in particular: these are markets in countries with up-and-coming economies, such as Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, and Mexico, among others. 
  • Mr. Bogle recommends no more than 20% in international. If you follow my own current recommendations, I like 10% or so in either an international growth fund or an emerging markets fund. 
    • I think that's plenty of risk for young people; if you're about 10 years or less from retirement, I'd recommend a whopping zero percent in such risky funds! You don't really want to take a big hit to your portfolio value when you don't have much time to recover any potential losses! 
-This sounds a lot like The Millionaire Mindset A great perspective! Isn't freedom more important than momentary convenience?...

-A compelling case for minimalism:

-An interesting article by The Financial Samurai:

-If you're willing to accept some risk, consider investing in websites:

-A window into the frustration that many young people experience:
   -And for that matter, there's a variety of interesting stuff at

-A helpful stock explainer series:

-And finally, one from myself. Can you really trust the stock market?

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