Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pretend to Be Poor: Contentment, not investment, is the secret to financial freedom

On the website Pretend to Be Poor, Neil and Kalie Brooks advocate the idea that contentment with one's life is the secret to financial freedom: http://www.pretendtobepoor.com/the-secret/ There's a lot of wisdom in this--the people who outspend their income are the ones who are trying to show off, or trying to please other people.

If you're content with your possessions and lifestyle, then you are truly free from having to worry about money!

In another post here: http://www.pretendtobepoor.com/mindless-austerity/, they discuss "mindless austerity." This works well in tandem with automating your finances. Many think you should pay your bills automatically so you won't be charged a late fee.

The corollary advocated in this article is that you should automatically adopt habits that encourage you to stay within your budget, like packing your lunch and shopping at discount grocery stores. I agree!

I encourage you to check out the Pretend to Be Poor website here: it has a lot of useful advice!