Saturday, February 28, 2015

Around the web 2/28/2015

Not all lottery winners are financially irresponsible. Take this woman in Ireland, for example, who is investing her lottery winnings into her hometown (and charities), to provide opportunity for others:

Antoine Walker, however, had to learn his lesson the hard way. He now advocates the importance of saying "no." Walker plans to spread this message in his forthcoming book and documentary about his personal financial struggles. (This book and documentary will probably make him another windfall! It seems that he's learned his lesson, though--perhaps he'll hang on to his money this time around!)

Think Bill Gates is the richest person ever? Think again! Time for a history lesson:

This is why I prefer Android over iOS...and, really, why I don't recommend buying Apple products:
To be clear, I think Apple makes quality products. I also think they charge too much for their quality products, and--like the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright--don't trust their customers enough.

Excellent advice on how to build a Warren Buffett-like portfolio that puts your money to work for you:

And, if you've ever wondered what $1 trillion would look like in $100 bills (US), there's a rendering here: