Thursday, October 16, 2014

25,000 'Thank-you's!

Thanks to all my readers! This site has gotten 25,000 pageviews since the beginning of May--that's five and a half months! Let's keep spreading the knowledge, and create a more financially literate population!

In the meantime, enjoy these symbols of prosperity:
Catmando at Gray Head, near Telluride, Colorado, USA

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More information on this Michigan log cabin can be found here:

Perhaps you prefer a more modern design:

Here's a personal favorite of mine, a classic design by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright:




It's called the I.N. Hagan House, or Kentuck Knob. It's only a few miles from his famous Fallingwater, built over a waterfall. This house is a newer design, and its beauty truly cannot be captured by even a series of photographs. Two great galleries of photos of this house are located here: and here:


How's that for motivation? :)

Happy saving!