Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The "Don't buy stuff" budget

This SNL skit is both funny and accurate: https://screen.yahoo.com/dont-buy-stuff-000000884.html

I'm tempted to say things are more complicated than that, but it really isn't. Unless you're buying a house, if you can't pay for it--right now--and still have money left over to pay your bills, don't buy it!

Flat broke, but you really, really want that cool new gadget/outfit/guitar/whatever that everybody's buying? Sorry, Charlie.*

*or should that say "Sorry, Macaulay"?
photo is a promo photo from Home Alone, property of Twentieth Century Fox

Your friends are going out and invited you to come along, but you're not sure if you'll have enough for the week's groceries? Hmm...come to think of it, you might not be feeling so well.

Don't have the money to pay for that flashy new car? Wait for a couple years and buy it used--if you still even want it!


Picture is a wallpaper of unknown origin, found on maximumwallhd.com, among other sites

...the good news is, this isn't a permanent state. Once you can pay all your bills and you have savings, feel free to let out a little bit. Now, if your friends are going out--tell them you just have to grab your jacket! Or if you're out shopping for some new clothes, and you see some stylish shirt you like--if it fits, grab it! This approach is the logical reward for your past discipline. 

So if you're broke now, set a goal for yourself: what amount in your savings account are you comfortable with? The more expenses you have, the higher this figure should be. 

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