Friday, October 13, 2017

Top headphone deals

Great deals on great headphones!
Do you hate earbuds?

Me too! They're often uncomfortable (especially for people with unusually small or large ear canals), they tend to fall out if you're physically active, they can damage your hearing, and all but the most expensive ones make music sound terrible!

If you're like me, you want comfortable headphones with great sound quality, durability, and a bit of eye-catching style. And you want it all for less than $25!

No problem! Check out the Sony MDR-ZX310H—terrible name, but a great quality product!

I happen to own a red pair of ZX310AP with in-line microphone; I like the way those look as well:

If those don't tickle your fancy, I've listed over a dozen other high-quality, low-price options here. How much does great sound cost? Less than you think...

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