Monday, October 3, 2016

Links October 2016

Donald Trump could have had twice as much money as he has now if he'd retired 30 years ago and invested his money into index funds:

The Parable of the Little Red Hen:

We need to encourage entrepreneurial spirit like this:

You're not going to get any help in retirement--not from the government, not from your employer. Plan accordingly:

College isn't for everyone. This entertaining video explains more:

Speaking of college, jlcollinsnh includes this gem:
"Moreover, one of the more unfortunate results of spiraling college costs and debt is the way it has warped the very concept of higher education. Rather than the pursuit of learning and culture, it has become the pursuit of job training in an effort to secure employment that will justify the astounding cost and debt incurred.

"Even successfully applied, this shackles young people to jobs long after the appeal has faded. Youth should be spent exploring—building and expanding one’s horizons—not grinding away in chains."
-Amen, brother!

And also this, from the very popular James Altucher:
When one or two people buck the trend, they may be visionaries--or they may be saying something edgy for the sake of saying something edgy. But when a lot of successful people are saying the same thing, there's probably something to it!

Maybe baby boomers should quit complaining about the 'attitude of entitlement' in the generation they raised:

Speaking of entitlement:

How and why the media sometimes creates "news" that may or may not be true: