Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The problem with a Roomba

If you have a pet that sometimes does its business in the house, don't get a Roomba. Here's why:


I just ran across this on StumbleUpon, and it gave me a good laugh! However, this funny story illustrates the problem with leaving everything to machines. The spot clean sensor is surely a good idea (at least in theory), and I'm sure it was engineered to do its job well.

But it's still tough to beat a human for jobs like this. And when machines have to make a decision, well...let's just say we still have a lot to learn about decision-making! We can't understand how to program machines to make good decisions--about what to clean up and what to leave, for example--until we know how people make good decisions first!

Though I don't have a pet of my own (because of my allergies, the fact that pets aren't allowed in my apartment, and the fact that pets cost a lot of money!), I've dog-sat (dogsitted?) a couple times, and had to clean up messes on the carpet, so I can certainly identify with this poor person's poop problem.

How's that for alliteration? :)

Anyway, though it might be cool to have a Roomba, they're certainly not for everyone--particularly those with pets.

What other things might seem like good ideas for pet owners, but really aren't? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy saving!