Friday, June 13, 2014

Example of the Millionaire Mindset

Keira Knightley apparently understands the Millionaire Mindset. According to an article at (of all places) Us Weekly, she only pays herself around $50,000 per year!

(Source article is here:

Based on the content reported here, she seems to understand that a) having more money than you need (note the emphasized phrase) won't make you happy, and b) it's the people you're with that make an event or memory special, NOT the money you spent or the stuff you bought. Apparently, her wedding dress was a dress that she had worn before! This makes her the first star actress *that I'm aware of* to have behaved so frugally with her wedding.

This goes to show that you can be rich and famous, yet still be down-to-earth! Her husband is a lucky guy; Keira appears to be a smart and sensible person, in addition to being a beautiful and talented actress!

What would you do if you made $2.5 million per year? Would you restrict yourself to only $50,000? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!